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Pra-Penyertaan Telah Tutup. Penyertaan Lambat Masih Dibuka Tetapi Pihak Kami Tidak Mengesahkan Ketersediaan Saiz Baju-T.

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Tarikh Kayuhan : 11 November 2012 
Jenis Kayuhan : Basikal Lasak (Litar Ladang Sawit) 
Jarak : 40km
Peringkat : 3.5/5
Hari : Ahad Masa : 6am - 2pm 
Yuran Masuk : RM60 / SGD25 
Status Permohonan : BUKA 
Penutupan Permohonan : 20hb October 2012 
Permohonan Maksima : 1000 orang permohonan sahaja 

Sepang Jamboree merupakan kayuhan yang disanjungi ramai pasukan kayuhan basikal lasak tahun demi tahun. Kami merupakan organisasi yang pertama mengadakan jenis kayuhan basikal lasak di Sepang. Tahun ini, kami akan menganjur program ini dengan lebih menarik lagi demi memenuhi permintaan orang ramai di tiap tiap tahun. Kami juga akan menelitikan track yang sesuai bagi khalak 'beginner' ke tahap 'elite' di golongan basikal lasak. Tahun ini, sejauh 40km akan dipilih untuk memenuhi syarat jamboree yang sekian di adakan di seluruh Malaysia. Kayuhan ini akan menyediakan sebanyak 3 'checkpoint' dan minuman isotonik, pisang, dan sekumpulan ahli paramedik akan disediakan di setiap 'checkpoint' untuk kemudahan anda. Sekiranya anda tidak mampu untuk menerungi semua 'checkpoint', pihak kemudahan jalanraya (lori) akan sedia untuk membawa anda ke tempat asal kayuhan ini untuk keselamatan anda. Ambulan juga akan disediakan sekiranya anda memerlukan rawatan rapi. Sekumpulan ahli 'marshal' juga akan mengayuh di dalam 'track' untuk meneliti setiap keselamatan dan keperluan masing-masing. 'Lucky draw' menarik dan produk-produk lain menanti nasib anda. Infomasi yang lebih teliti akan ditambah di hari akan datang, pastikan anda tidak melepaskan peluang ini untuk memohon pendaftaran ini sebab kami akan menutup permohonan jika ia melebihi seramai 1000 orang sahaja. Terima kasih.

Jemputan Ahli ke Sepang Jamboree 2012 (jemputan sahaja)

1) Mohd Ghazali Bin Abdullah
2) Mohd Afendi Bin Abdullah
3) Mohd Ihsan
4) Muhammad Sabri Bin Ahmad
5) Fashilah
6) Arifah Hassan
7) Wei Wei Tan
8) Alias Yahaya
9) Abdul Halim
10) Victor Loo
11) Zainal Abidin Bin Mohd
12) Kwa Wei Choon
13) Adli Dahalan
14) Yong Foo Way

Nama yang disenarai diatas merupakan ahli-ahli yang dijemput oleh kami untuk mengayuh program ini sebagai percuma semata permintaan maaf kerana mereka tidak mendapat baju tahun lalu. Ahli yang disenarai disini sahaja akan dapat mengayuh program ini dengan percuma.

Pihak Penganjur,
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Quoted comment on this event.

Quoted comment on this event.

To the organizers of the Sepang Jamboree 11 Sept 2012

The event overall is a success -- very nice trail, challenging but rideable. Good organisation on the day itself and definitely one of the better catered lunches I have had at any of these events. The trail design with the external carpark loop worked to spread the riders out and closer to CP1, I was able to make it up the hills unimpeded by other riders.However, like all events, it can be improved. In the case of the Sepang Jamboree, it doesn't take much -- just attention to some details which will yield much improved participation enjoyment. So please take the following comments not as criticism but of hoped for improvements that will increase my enjoyment next year even more.1. Trail markings -- at the turns, there are markings at the beginning of the turn. That's fine when there isn't another turn at the same point that could be ambiguous. Confirmation markings at 10m intervals (or thereabouts) after the turns especially the ambiguous ones would help. As I got nearer to CP2 when riders were spread out, there were a few times I wasn't sure if I had made the right turn. There were a couple of occasions when fellow riders and I waited for each other for confirmation we were not lost.2. Exiting the trail -- when we exited the trail finally and reached the end of the downhill tarmac road, there was no signpost or marshal to tell riders to turn right and head back to the F1 Village. I knew where I was only because I had by chance parked my car at that junction. Later on as I was cleaning my bike at my car, I was constantly being asked by riders which way the finish was.In fact one group of the finishing riders had the inconvenience to time their right turn just as a whole stream of motorbikes exited the race that had just ended and had to wait at least a couple of minutes before being to get out of the junction.3. Race day information -- for out of town riders, we don't know which is the usual car park the gatherings are. Usually race organisers (in Johor where I ride regularly) will post the coordinates or some well known landmark that can be googled. Sepang is a sprawling site. A simple reference to the F1 village would have helped.4. Registration number changes -- my registration number changed 3 times. I can understand your desire to assign blocks that simplify on site registration logistics. But it is disconcerting. On the bright side I ended up with a number the cantonese would consider desirable (384) :)5. Registration the day before -- again, for out of town riders, not sure how easy it is to find Puchong. btw, I am an ex KL person but was a bit overwhelmed at how much Puchong has developed and expanded. Maybe a telephone hotline would help as out of towners may not have access to the internet. And my Garmin did have updated maps otherwise, I would have been at a loss. For overnight race stays, I usually prefer to collect my registration the day before and avoid the early morning race day scrambles unlike when I am participating in South Johor events (I am a Malaysian living in Singapore).6. The start from F1 Village -- that was one narrow gateway to funnel through during the start but went better than I had hoped -- about a minute to get past the gate from mid pack. Maybe one of the slip roads from the opposite side of the Perimeter road that filters left instead for next year?Finally, a big thank you to the CP volunteers. They are the face of the race and make all the difference to tire legs with their chirpy greetings.Once again, let me stress that the above is not meant as criticism but my hope that next year's jamboree will be even more enjoyable. Health and other factors permitting, I intend to make it back. Any chance you can reschedule outside of the monsoon?Best

Foo Chee Hei
From Chua Pei Chong :
Abel Yuen & Friends, thank you for organizing this event. I love it. The trail was amazingly fun to ride and coordinated with sufficient climbs (i love climbs!). No doubt the rain had made the tracks so muddy and slippery, well this is what we call mountain biking! As a feedback, a few additional arrow signage will really help at critical turns and junctions. I was not in the front pack and some of the junctions had wheel marks, so I followed it without getting lost. Those in the front pack may have turned at the wrong junctions. Lastly, the food served was special. Very nice chicken wings, buns, potatoes and the tasty bbq sauce! Hope to make it for next year's event. Again, a big hand and Thanks!